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2016-2017 Board Goals

Goals for 2016-17 | Board of Trustees

1. To become a “Top Ten District” in South Carolina by reaching the following benchmarks by the end of the 2017 school year: 
  • Exceed the national mean on each AP exam offered to more than 10 students by the third year of offering the class
  • Rank among the top ten districts for mean ACT college entrance exam scores
  •  Exceed national means at each grade level of MAP testing
  • Have a minimum of 60% of students exceed growth targets on the MAP test
  • Rank among the top ten districts on SC accountability tests
A. Devise school specific goals and strategies for raising achievement so that more schools close the achievement gap
B. To employ and retain staff so as to make sure that each classroom will have a certified and highly effective teacher andschools will be served by exemplary staff
C. Establish clear expectations for classroom visits by school and district administrators
D. Develop and implement a plan to address the “required actions” cited in the recent AdvancED accreditation visit
E. Expand the partnership with Tri-County Technical College and other colleges/universities so that more students haveaccess to career pathways and other higher education opportunities
F. Maintain the Oconee Academic Performance Dashboard for the Board’s (and public’s) review of progress towardbecoming a “Top Ten District”
G. To implement educator evaluation systems developed by the SC Department of Education for teachers and principalsand provide appropriate training for all affected staff members
H. Implement effective reading, writing and thinking programs in all classrooms
I. Expand career paths to align with county initiatives and support students with consistent, comprehensive careercurriculum
J. Adopt and align to Profile of SC Graduate and Learning System
K. Expand business partnerships in support of district goals
L. Continue to focus on increasing graduation rates while simultaneously increasing academic rigor for all students

2. Maintain quality programs while balancing the operational budget and maintain/increase the general fund balance to policy designated levels no later than July 1, 2019

M. Successfully plan and initiate construction at West-Oak High School and Walhalla Elementary to meet instructional needs at each school
N. Continue to monitor the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and comply with guidelines
O. Work on relationships and communication opportunities with classified staff
P. Continue to work with county and state officials on budgetary issues to adequately fund school district operations.
Q. Update long-range building plan