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SDOC Positive COVID-19 Case Reporting

Positive COVID-19 Tests

This information includes any SDOC student or employee that has been in a school building or district facility.  It will not include SDOC@Home students or employees that are working remotely.  Results are reported on the date the school district is made aware of a positive test result.  A positive test result does not necessarily mean others have been exposed within school buildings.

 Date School   Student or Employee
 9/24/2020Walhalla High Student 
 9/23/2020Walhalla Middle Student 
 9/23/2020Keowee Elementary Student 
 9/21/2020Seneca High Student 
 9/20/2020Fair-Oak Elementary Employee 
 9/17/2020West-Oak High/HCTC Student 
 9/16/2020Walhalla High Student 
 9/15/2020Walhalla High Student 
 9/15/2020West-Oak Middle Employee (has not been in building since 9/3/2020)
 9/13/2020West-Oak Middle Employee 
 9/13/2020Seneca Middle Student 
 9/13/2020Seneca Middle Student 
 9/13/2020Seneca Middle Student 

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