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Substitute Information

Substitute Teacher/ParaPro Information 
Substitute applications will be accepted after August 1, 2017.

NOTE: This class can be used to meet the class/lab hour requirement for ParaProfessional certification. However, a formal assessment is also required to qualify as a ParaProfessional. Full details will be given at the first class.

Substitutes with a four-year degree are paid $80 per day if subbing for a teaching position; those who do not have a four-year degree are paid $65 per day.
Substitutes for classified positions are paid $65 per day regardless of education.

To be considered for substitute teacher employment in the School District of Oconee County, the following requirements apply:
(Please note that items 3, 4, and 5 must be completed in order)
1) Must hold a high school diploma or GED.
2) Must be 18 years old to substitute in kindergarten - grade 5.  Must be either 21 years old or a college graduate if younger than 21 to substitute in grades 6- 12.
3) Must complete an online application. ( )
4) Email for an appointment to complete a district-level interview. If you do not have email, call 886-4400 ext 6119 for an appointment. Appointments will not be given without 3 completed references.
5) Must complete substitute teacher training class provided by the district. See information below on how to register for this training.
6) Must provide evidence of a TB test with results less than one-year old.
7) Must have a clear SLED check (SLED check is conducted by the district; fee is paid by district).
8) Must provide copies of social security card and valid driver's license.
9) Print, complete, and return forms listed below. The forms may be mailed to 414 South Pine Street, Walhalla, SC 29691 or may be hand-delivered to the same address. (You must submit W-4, TB, I-9, Medical History, Health Statement, Declaration of Employment, and Direct Deposit. If you are not interested in retirement benefits, complete and return the Election of Non-Membership; if you have retired from the SC Retirement System, complete and return the Notice of Employed Retiree; if you are interested in retirement benefits contact Tammie at 886-4400 ext 6119 for appointment.)

(Click on the name of the forms highlighted in blue to open/download.)
Direct Deposit (required)

* (required for those NOT interested in retirement benefits; if you are interested in retirement benefits, contact Tammie at 864-886-4400 ext 6119 for appointment.)  ** (Required for those who have retired from the SC Retirement System.)


How to register for Substitute Teacher/ParaPro Training 
Substitute Teacher Training Institute 2016/2017 (you must complete the online application & district-level interview. Once you receive clearance from the Dept. of Human Resources, you will be registered for the training.

Individuals with less than a 4-year degree:

Substitute Teacher/ParaProfessional Classes: Classes meet Monday through Thursday afternoons from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm at Code Learning Center in room 128. Students must attend all classes for a minimum of 30 hours. The TABE test (Test of Adult Basic Education) will be given at the first class and at the end along with the WorkKeys Test. Students need to obtain a scale score of 550+ to show proficiency in reading and math on the TABE Test. Lab times are available if students need to improve these skills and retest. All meetings are held at Code Learning Center.

Substitute Class Dates
without 4 yr degree 
 District Orientation
August 15- September 8  September 9 
October 10-November 3
November 4
January 4-January 31 February 3
March 6-March 30 March 31

Individuals with a 4-your degree or higher
You will need to complete one 3-hour District Orientation from 8:30 - 11:30 am to be held at the Code Learning Center.
See schedule below:

 Substitute Class Dates for those with a 4 year degree
 August 8
 September 9
November 4
 January 17
 February 3
March 31

NOTE:  A copy of the Substitute Handbook may be downloaded below.

       If you are interested in ParaPro classes only, please contact Code Learning Center:  864-886-4429.  The cost for the test is $60.    
 ParaPro Training Class Dates ParaPro Test Dates
 September 12-October 5 October 7
 November 9-December 5 December 9
 February 6-March 1 March 3
 April 3-May 3 May 5

 ParaPro Test Dates without classes
 August 19        
 September 9
 October 7
 November 4
 December 9
 January 13
 February 3
 March 3
 March 31
 May 5
 June 8
 July 13